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Vest Material Specifications:

Material : Knit Polyester
Size : M; L; XL; XXL
Colour Option : Lime Green / Orange
Closure Type : Zipper
Binding Type : Black Polyester

O-EL Light Specifications:
''SECURITY'' Wording Dimension : 275mm x 90mm
O-EL Stripe Dimension : 10mm x 240mm
Reflective Thickness : 2 Inches
Drive Area : Standard 2 O-EL Stripe per Vest
Flashing Mode : 2 Modes (Non-Flashing / Flashing)
Power Input : 3.7V / 1300MA
Stripe Light Colour : Blue
Battery : MINI USB Rechargeable Battery
Working Hour : 7 - 16 Hours
Charging Current : 5V / 500MA
Charging Time : 3 Hours
Controller Dimension : 83*44*24mm
Battery Dimension : 80*40*15mm

O-EL Stripe Colour : Can Customise to other Colour
''SECURITY'' Wording : Mould available for ''POLICE'' wording, Mould charges applied to other customised wording
MOQ : 10 pcs

Sample shown is for illustration purposes only.  Actual product may varies.
Different batch of production may have slightly different specs on the battery and wording finishing.
Rest assure the quality is the same.

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Safety vest

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